About Me

I decided to start doing a blog after watching the great British bake off series 2. I am a massive fan and an avid (although not always successful) baker. I am a mum to Jorja 6 and Erin 3 who love to cook with me. I am a wife to a husband that loves a Sunday afternoon bake off against me (which he probably won't admit). And I work full time just to throw something else in to the mix. This makes for a manic life but i love to spend my evenings and weekends baking away the stress with my girls. I thought it’s about time i decided to share my love of food with anyone that wants to listen to the highs of my best Vikki sponge and to the lows of the odd flat ├ęclair which ultimately with some practice will become the ultimate ├ęclair!! And I promise to share all of the lows and the remedies that I find.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

canned pears

I have just added my favourite Home Canned pears recipes to hedgerow jams and preserves. !!!!!
these are fabulous baked into a sponge with custard or caramelised under a crisp blanket of rough puffy pastry with vanilla whipped cream!!!! mmmmmm!

Present ideas and recipes

I will be putting some christmas present ideas up later ideal for teachers, family and friends.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Its nearly Christmas!!!!!

Believe it or not its nearly Christmas and why most of the population are beginning to plan what colour socks to buy dad this year, and how much that ridiculous toy that will be pushed to the back of the cupboard inside 2 weeks will cost, I am busy planning every inch of Christmas food. From what to leave out for Santa, Christmas cake and pud!! To what bread and rolls will go best with the left over Christmas day meat. I intend to post every detail and show as many of my results and trial runs as possible. I’ll worry about what colour socks to buy later!
First up will be Christmas pudding which I am disgusted to say I have never made before, I have always settled for the shop bought overpriced rubbish. But this year I am going to use an old recipe from a cook book ive inherited (lets be honest i probably just nicked it off of my mum). This has to be made in advance as it needs to mature that is what gives it its depth and richness of flavour. The recipe will be up soon!